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Millennium 2000 Roundup - 23 cd reviews in 46 sentences
Reviewer: Ed Yashinsky, Mode Magazine
It's been too long between records for The Demons, but "Wipe it Clean" eviscerates the senses with no-nonsense rock that screams for the attention it truly deserves.

"The band, whose music falls between "post-punk and art rock," is worth checking out.
Reviewer: Jim Speese, Reading Eagle/reading Times Correspondent
In the end, it sucks you in. The songs on their recent CD, "Wipe it Clean," have power. At their best, hypnotic vocals ride behind the discordant chords, supplementing the distorted guitar that sometimes plays direct punk chords and sometimes vaults into spacey riffs."

What Goes On (Washington Free Weekly column)
Reviewer: Mark Jenkins
"This Lancaster, Pa. quartet's E.P., "It's Gonna Blow," is lively, likable homemade rock, so unassuming that it can survive a misplaced bit of Khachaturian."

Washington City Paper
Arts & Events
By Mark Jenkins
Dec. 6 - 12, 1996 (Vol. 16, #49) "The spirit of Britain's shamblers--punks who weren't pissed off, basically--has possessed Lancaster, Pa.'s Fat Little Demons. On the quartet's It's Gonna Blow EP, the guitars and harmonies never actually threaten to explode, but when the band steps on the accelerator they do surge in the general direction of the Feelies' crazy rhythms."

The Jazz Butcher Tribute Album (2000)
FLD track is "Nothing Special."
"I wish our version of this song sounded so good. You've done a fantastic job on it." - Pat Fish